We have a website that provides a database for flight schools offering pilot training, cabin crew training, and aircraft maintenance engineer training in Asia Pacific. Ask Me Anything!

Diana Marcos
Dec 5, 2017

AviationFly.com IS NOT A SCHOOL. It is a website that provides database for flight schools in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. It was created following numerous conversations with individuals discussing their experience of entering the industry. The same issue was highlighted by almost every individual, the lack of information online in one central location to compare training academies against another. Following months of research and data collection, AviationFly.com was drawn up on paper.

The website was created to allow the user to be able to compare different training institutions and contact the one best suited for them. The website brings together all the latest information from the training institutes including latest pictures and the social media presence of the academies. AviationFly.com does not stop there it also tries to answer the question of how to get funding support for pilot training. After having completed the training the next step is starting the career and so AviationFly.com lists several positions which airlines are recruiting for.

Check out our website at www.aviationfly.com/.

Instagram page: www.instagram.com/aviationflycom

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/aviationflycom


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How many hours are you required to complete pilot training?

Dec 8, 11:17PM EST0

How can we reach Aviationfly?

Dec 7, 8:18PM EST0

Hello Arnold! You can visit our website at www.aviationfly.com or contact us via Facebook (www.facebook.com/aviationflycom) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/aviationflycom)

Dec 8, 6:17AM EST0

You can also email us - info@aviationfly.com

Dec 8, 9:46AM EST0

What is the latest aircraft that you have in your training school?

Dec 7, 5:36PM EST0

Hello! We are not a training school. We are a platform that provides a database for flight schools in Asia Pacific.

Dec 8, 6:17AM EST0

What type of aircraft do you usually use for training to fly?

Dec 7, 12:17PM EST0

Hello, Ayanna! Just in case you didn't read our description, AviationFly is not a flight school but a platform providing training schools in Asia Pacific. Each school we have on our website has different aircrafts that they use. You can learn about it at www.aviationfly.com

Dec 8, 6:19AM EST0

Cessna and Diamond Aircraft are the most popular Training Aircraft used globally

Dec 8, 9:47AM EST0

Why should I enroll in Aviationfly and not other schools?

Dec 7, 10:58AM EST0

Hello! AviationFly is not a school. It is a website that provides a database of flight schools in Asia Pacific. Learn more at www.aviationfly.com

Dec 8, 6:20AM EST0

See all Flight Schools in the Asia Pacific region here - www.aviationfly.com/pilot/training-institutes/

Dec 8, 9:48AM EST0

What was the most interesting experience while creating your project? What inspired you? 

Dec 7, 5:37AM EST0

One of our goals is to encourage many people to be pilots or work in the aviation industry. We also want to make it easier for them to find the training school that best suits them.

Dec 8, 6:22AM EST0

How much does it cost for the first pilot training stage?

Dec 6, 2:17PM EST0

Hi Sameera, that depends on which country you want to start Pilot training in - we show all training institutes in the Asia Pacific region here www.aviationfly.com/pilot/training-institutes/ . You could message some of them to ask how much the Private Pilot License cost. To earn more from being a pilot you will need to get a Commercial Pilot License which will cost between US$ 45-65,000 depending on training country.

Dec 7, 12:34AM EST0

Do you have a private Boeing aircraft in school?

Dec 6, 3:04AM EST0

Hi Kathryn, we are just a portal showing all pilot/aircraft maintenance/cabin crew schools in the Asia Pacific region - www.aviationfly.com/pilot/training-institutes/ . But there is actually one school in the Philippines which has a Boeing Aircraft - it is an Aircraft Maintenance School though and the aircraft does not fly :-p

Dec 7, 12:35AM EST0

How long have you been existing as an Aviation training school?

Dec 5, 6:53PM EST0

We are not a school. We just provide a database of flight schools in Asia Pac. :)

Dec 6, 12:50PM EST0

Check out our website at www.aviationfly.com

Dec 6, 12:50PM EST0

How many aviation schools do you have in Asia?

Dec 5, 11:13AM EST0

Hello, James! For now, we have 40 in the Philippines, 12 in Thailand, 22 in Indonesia, 12 in Malaysia, 4 in Singapore, and 4 in Vietnam on our website. You can check it at www.aviationfly.com :)

Dec 6, 12:40PM EST0

Hi James, we also show schools in Australia, New Zealand and are about to add India and South Korean - www.aviationfly.com/pilot/training-institutes/

Dec 7, 12:36AM EST0

Do you have a specific height requirement for enrolling in a pilot training program?

Dec 5, 9:12AM EST0

It depends on the country and the Airline you want to train with. There is no set limit by the regulatory authority issuing the license but some airlines might have some internal preferences.

Dec 6, 12:42PM EST0

What is the shortest term of proper training for the aircraft maintenance engineer?

Dec 5, 6:40AM EST0

Hi Ivy, around 2 years - it really depends what you want to specialize in. There is a large demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers these days with starting salaries in a lot of countries being around US4,000+ per month

Dec 7, 12:37AM EST0

Why should I enroll my cabin crew training at Aviationfly?

Dec 5, 4:48AM EST0

AviationFly isn't a training institute. However, we have a list of training institutes that aspiring pilots, cabin crews, and aircraft maintenance engineers can choose from. :)

Dec 5, 4:50AM EST0

What are the qualifications for enrolling in Aviationfly? (for cabin crew and pilot)

Dec 5, 3:43AM EST0

Hello! AviationFly is not an academy or a flight school. Our company works with a list of flight schools in Asia Pac. You may check our website at www.aviationfly.com to check the schools and see each of their requirements.

Dec 5, 4:52AM EST0

What advice can you give for those who are aspiring to become a pilot and a cabin crew?

Dec 5, 3:16AM EST0

If working in the aviation industry is what you really dream of, don't be scared to take a risk and grab the chance to be a part of it. Look for the best flight school and if you cannot afford it, try to find a sponsorship or scholarship. There are financial institutions that offer programs to aid people who want to be pilots. You can check our website www.aviationfly.com. :)

Dec 5, 4:56AM EST0

How long will it take for a student to become a full-pledged pilot?

Dec 4, 6:19PM EST0

To be a pilot, you have two options. Either you want to become a licensed Private Pilot or a licensed Commercial Pilot. 

To become a licensed private pilot and have all the benefits of being one, you must undergo and pass the Private Pilot Training Course also known as, PPL course first, which is usually up to six months. In order to have a license, you must become certified as a fully-fledged Private Pilot by the ATO. :)

Dec 5, 5:16AM EST0

Hi Kathryn, to become an Airline pilot around 16-20 months in the good schools.

Dec 7, 12:38AM EST0

What is your advantage among other flying competent schools?

Dec 4, 5:07AM EST0

I want to remind you that we are not a flight school. We are a company that provides a database for flight schools. :)

Dec 5, 4:57AM EST0

How many trainings do I have to take before I become the Captain Pilot?

Dec 4, 1:50AM EST0

Hi Ron, to become an Airline Captain you first have to get your pilot license which will take approx. 16-20 months. Following this you will fly for an Airline for around 4,000 hours as a First Officer before being promoted to Airline Captain. The number of hours depends on the Airline.

Dec 7, 12:41AM EST0

How do you motivate people who are having second thoughts whether to go flying or not?

Dec 4, 12:18AM EST0

We always post content on our pages that we hope will motivate people. We share stories and experiences shared by others, most especially those who have been in the industry for a long time. You should check out our FB page at www.facebook.com/aviationflycom and Instagram page at www.instagram.com/aviationflycom

Dec 5, 5:19AM EST0

Are there any qualifications in order to pass as an aircraft maintenance engineer?

Dec 3, 7:00PM EST0
Dec 7, 12:42AM EST0