My name is Patriciah, I am a physics and Mathematics teacher, over the years, students have had a negative attitude to this subjects here in Kenya, I am working hard to let them understand why these are the easiest and best subjects to learn, help me achieve this goal through this AMA, Ask Me Anything.

Oct 12, 2017

Three out of every five students will always term physics and Mathematics as the hard subjects, but this is not the case, we have noticed that students have often time developed a negative attitude towards these subjects and always want to least hear about anything to do with them, especially physics.  This will not be the case anymore as we are working on new measures to make students understand that they are just subjects like any other. Help me improve and achieve this today through this AMA, feel free and Ask Me Anything.

patriciah says:

This AMA will end Oct 13, 2017 6:03AM EDT


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What teaching aids do you have available?

Oct 12, 8:18PM EDT0

At what school are you teaching and where is it located?

Oct 12, 4:42PM EDT0

I teach at Gilgil Girls School, Kenya.

Oct 12, 5:20PM EDT0

Why do you think students think mathematics and physics are hard?

Oct 12, 2:40PM EDT0

I believe it is because of the mathematics nature in physics. They believe they are meant for the most intelligent persons.

Oct 12, 5:21PM EDT0

Kids love experimenting, are you doing any experiments with the children?

Oct 12, 2:31PM EDT0

Yes, we have 2 practical lessons every week.

Oct 12, 5:21PM EDT0

Depending on the age group a lot of children love extraordinary events like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc. Have you tried showing them some real life events and then explained the physics from there?

Oct 12, 11:54AM EDT0

Yes, Sometimes I use real life events and maybe I should use them even more. Thanks.

Oct 12, 5:22PM EDT0

How many children are in your class?

Oct 12, 11:01AM EDT0

I have 2 classes of aroung 60 students each.

Oct 12, 5:23PM EDT0

Have you tried making learning more fun by letting the kids interact with each other?

Oct 12, 9:44AM EDT0

On most eccasions yes, I have tried even letting them have competitions with neighbouring school.

Oct 12, 5:24PM EDT0

Have you tried group projects where they have to problem solve?

Oct 12, 7:43AM EDT0

Yes, most of the time I ensure students work as a team to enable them share ideas easily.

Oct 12, 5:19PM EDT0

Have you tried asking them what their favorite hobby is and then found a link to explain how physics might apply to that?

Oct 12, 6:59AM EDT0

Yes I have tried that on several ocassions. Thanks.

Oct 12, 5:18PM EDT0

Being a teacher of Physics and Maths, what is the challenges in indulging concepts to students given that most of the students have negative attitude towards the two subjest?

Oct 12, 5:52AM EDT0

The major challenge is getting to know why students don't understand some concepts. Getting the reasons behind it is a big challenge.

Oct 12, 5:18PM EDT0

Have you tried showing students videos of something they are interested in and then explain the dynamics of maths and physics from there?

Oct 12, 4:16AM EDT0

Yes, sometimes I use videos to make them understand more, particularly in physics.

Oct 12, 5:17PM EDT0

What about letting the students play games like monopoly for example where they have to calculate and see if this raises their interest?

Oct 12, 1:51AM EDT0

Yes that is true, that could as well work out perfectly well.

Oct 12, 5:16PM EDT0

Do you really believe these are the easiest subjects to learn? Isn't that different for everyone?

Oct 11, 12:41PM EDT0

It is because of the mind set, but they are among the easiest.

Oct 12, 12:39AM EDT0

Do you believe in experiential learning?

Oct 11, 9:23AM EDT0

Very much, it is the best way to teach.

Oct 12, 12:38AM EDT0

What do you struggle with most to relay to the children?

Oct 11, 6:46AM EDT0

I struggle to let them get the theory part unlike the practical pat of it.

Oct 12, 12:38AM EDT0

What is your style of teaching?

Oct 11, 5:46AM EDT0

I engage the students most, that means they do more on their own.

Oct 12, 12:37AM EDT0

How old are the children you are teaching?

Oct 11, 5:26AM EDT0

They fall between the age of 14 and 20

Oct 12, 12:36AM EDT0
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