Hi, I'm Gimbey, a Musical Theater Actress and Voice Teacher. Ask me anything!

Gimbey dela Cruz
May 17, 2018

I'm a Musical Theater Geek and a passionate singing teacher and would love to connect with anyone who is interested to talk about singing techniques, song/audition reperotires, and song interpretation. all spectrum of voices are all very interesting. I would also love to discuss topics such as song and dance, and how to take care of your instrument.

Gimbey Dela Cruz says:

This AMA will end May 30, 2018 8AM EDT

Gimbey dela Cruz says:

This AMA will end May 27, 2018 8AM EDT


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How long did it take you to develop your voice?
May 25, 12:00AM EDT0

30 years and it’s still at work

May 25, 10:38AM EDT0
What did you learn in your first singing lessons? How long have you been teaching singing lessons?
May 24, 11:57AM EDT0
Do you feel anyone can learn how to sing, and if so, why?
May 24, 8:39AM EDT0

Do you have any pre-show/pre-recording rituals that make you relax and ready you to perform at your best?

May 23, 5:54PM EDT0

Yes I do! 

Vocalize , vocalize, vocalize! I do that and body warm ups to make sure I can perform on my best

May 23, 8:26PM EDT0
What do you do to prepare for shows? What are some of the projects you’ve been working on recently?
May 19, 10:00PM EDT1

I take as much rest as I can, some shows can be vocally demanding , most are physically demanding. So, health is number one priority. I’m currently in the 6th season of a show called “Rak of Aegis”

May 21, 1:14PM EDT0
Does your faith make a difference to your work as an actress?
May 19, 7:12PM EDT0

I have not encountered any difficulty in that matter yet. So far no roles have seemed to question my faith.

May 21, 1:15PM EDT0

Do you teach the CVI/CVT school of singing? Do you think this is a good way to rehearse and prepare the voice?

May 19, 2:28PM EDT0

I have not heard of it, bit will read about it! Then, I’d be able to give a proper comment about the subject

May 21, 1:16PM EDT0
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
May 19, 2:03AM EDT0

To be able to have a channel that may inspire other performers or teachers in the field of musical theater

May 19, 10:37AM EDT0
How did you first become interested in performing and how did you develop that passion into a career?
May 18, 8:26PM EDT0

I got interested in performing at a very young age. It started with singing competitions here and there. When I realized I can’t love without music, I took that as a degree. And taught the moment I graduated. 

I’m one of thise lucky ones who doesn’t feel like work is “work”

May 19, 10:36AM EDT0
What is the best musical you've ever seen? What were your favorite things about them?
May 18, 5:52AM EDT0

Hands down, ONCE. Because of all the quadruple threat in the show! 

May 18, 6:05AM EDT0
Is broadway your end goal? If yes, how do you plan to get there?
May 18, 5:19AM EDT0

Hypothetically let’s say yes. I’ll probably take my MA in musical theater and audtion around NYC till i get a chance to get an equity card. And start working in workshops. Then eventually get a chance to audition for shows in broadway

May 18, 8:50PM EDT0
Is there any hope for the tone deaf?
May 17, 10:44AM EDT0

Depends on the situation, some people who feel like they are tone deaf might just need ear training. Unfortunately there are people who are “really” tone deaf

May 17, 10:54AM EDT0
What has been the most emotional role you've ever played? Did it take a toll on you?
May 17, 9:00AM EDT0

Flo Owens Picnic By William Inge

in some ways it did... the breakdown scene was quite demanding

May 17, 9:31AM EDT0
If you could change just one thing about the music/theatre industry, what would it be?
May 17, 2:16AM EDT0

I don’t know... maybe more diversity, and more artistic freedom

May 17, 8:06AM EDT0
What are your most rewarding moments as a music teacher?
May 17, 12:43AM EDT0

When you see your students perform on stage! That feeling never gets old! 

May 17, 8:03AM EDT0
What is the typical audition process for a modern theatre show?
May 16, 11:20PM EDT0

16-32 Bar song. -prepare two, some panels would like to see contrasting styles.

and a monolgue

May 16, 11:51PM EDT0
Where did you train and did it prepare you for the reality of life in musical theatre?
May 16, 10:51PM EDT0

I graduated with a Music Degree with University of Sto. Tomas in 2003 and got in Lasalle College of the Arts ( Musical Theater ) under a Scholarship in 2009. Having a College degree in Musical Theater however not required is a good foundation for any muscal theater career. Uni is a safe place to destruct and reconstruct yourself as an actor. The Standards of school are a lot higher in the real world. Although the confinements of a school would also protect you in the harsh reality of the industry

May 16, 11:49PM EDT0
How long did it take you to develop your voice? What made you want to teach people how to coach their voice?
May 16, 3:49PM EDT0

I started formal training at 7 and never stopped since. I’ve been teaching for 16 years now, so give or take; I’ve worked about 30 years to get my voice to where it is at. 

May 16, 9:08PM EDT0
What has been your favourite audition ballad?
May 16, 1:52PM EDT0

As of the Moment

Finding Wonderland - Wildhorn

May 16, 9:08PM EDT0
How's it been going with your online singing lessons? What's the age range on your students?
May 16, 12:51PM EDT0

So far so good. There are days when the internet connection is a challenge, but 80% of the time it’s okay. I would suggest that an online student is someone who already has a little background on singing.

My current students online are around 7-17yo

May 16, 12:55PM EDT0
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