Hello guys, I am a Web Administrator in a local High school in Kenya named Moi Siongiroi Girls, i have helped them take the responsibilities of maintaining and updating their school website for about 3 years now. Get to know more about my role now by taking part in this AMA, Ask Me Anything.

Oct 12, 2017

After developing their website, I was again assigned the fullresponsibilities of taking care of their website and ensuring that itis always up to date. This has not been a very easy task but I havealways put in all my effort to ensure they get the best out of me. Ihave helped them ensure their school website is user friendly andoffer an optimal user experience to parents, students and otherstakeholders. Engage me today in this AMA and learn more about mycareer and role as a web administrator. Ask Me Anything.


This AMA will end Oct 12, 2017 5PM EDT


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Is it a a static or dynamic website?

Oct 12, 2:22PM EDT0

Did you have any experience with similar websites?

Oct 12, 10:56AM EDT0

Can you see yourself doing this in 5 years time or do you have other ambitions?

Oct 12, 1:38AM EDT0

Apparently no. Biiger ambitions is quite inevitable, i will certainly go for a more challenging responsibility that can adequately utilize my knowledge and skills in Information Technology fiels

Oct 12, 5:46AM EDT0

Who did you talk to in terms of the design and layout?

Oct 11, 11:23PM EDT0

If there is no ambiquity in your question, User involment in design and layout is the standing answer

Oct 12, 5:45AM EDT0

Hi Kimutai, Thank you for your AMA.

I thought you'd be interested in Patriciah's AMA also a School teacher in Kenya

Oct 11, 5:31PM EDT0

Very interest. No offence to link with her

Oct 12, 5:43AM EDT0

What kind of testing and quality control checks did you perform?

Oct 11, 2:58PM EDT0

I do a number of test on the website which inlude: Spellcheck, contact information test, browser compatability test, accessibility test, review error logs among others.

For quality control, regular quality control inspection should be carried out which include taking the inventory of your website. I hope i have answer you, Sulabh

Oct 12, 5:42AM EDT0

Is the website only for information or do you also invite comments or questions?

Oct 11, 10:19AM EDT0

It is all inclusive. We provide both information and a section for user interaction where they can comment or ask questions

Oct 12, 5:35AM EDT0

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome when redesigning the website?

Oct 11, 9:53AM EDT0

Unconsistent users' preferences. Everytime they would have a new idea of what should and the GUI be look like

Oct 12, 5:34AM EDT0

What parts of the website did you have to change or did you change everything?

Oct 11, 9:52AM EDT0

Most of the changes on the website were done on the GUI part

Oct 12, 5:32AM EDT0

What categories are on the website?

Oct 11, 5:18AM EDT0

We have 5 categories, name: About us, Contacts us, Academics, departments and sports

Oct 11, 7:45AM EDT0

What is your educational and professional background?

Oct 11, 1:52AM EDT0

I studied  Bsc in Informatics

Oct 11, 7:34AM EDT0

What kind of information is on the website?

Oct 11, 12:47AM EDT0

The wrebsite containts general information about the school, termly results, news and events in and about school

Oct 11, 7:39AM EDT0

How do you think this impacts experience and knowledge for your students? 

Oct 10, 10:28PM EDT0

The website is student's tailored, as they interact with the website, hopefuly they will have better experince and be able to give new suggestions on how the website should look like

Oct 12, 5:48AM EDT0

Do you ask for feedback from parents/teachers/students?

Oct 10, 12:16PM EDT0

Certainly yes, in the school website, we a have section that provides for parents/teachers/students to share with us

Oct 11, 7:30AM EDT0

What are the key lessons you have learnt so far in website maintenance? 

Oct 10, 10:26AM EDT0

It has kept me apraised with the new trending technologies in web design, management and maintenance

Oct 11, 7:37AM EDT0
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