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Emil Tybura
Apr 11, 2018

Here you can discover how the life of a design student looks like, what you have to do, what skills you need to have, what are we doing there, what are we learning there? Feel free to ask about the reality of a youngster in Poland as well, even if you're not really keen on European countries. I'm a music journalist also, so if you want to know more about Scandinavian (especially Icelandic) music - here I am!

Everybody's welcome, it would be a huge pleasure to answer your questions!

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What is it that makes the designing industry so interesting according to you?
Apr 16, 8:45PM EDT0
Do design studies feel as competitive as they seem?
Apr 16, 3:53PM EDT0
Who would be you the target audience for the design work in future?
Apr 16, 10:32AM EDT0
How do you stay organized while working on multiple design assets, and ideas?
Apr 14, 1:11PM EDT0
How can a person become a music journalist? Does one need to have good knowledge of music to write about it or can anyone research the matter and come up with the information/news?
Apr 14, 6:13AM EDT0
Are you learning anything new that are related to design?
Apr 13, 8:44PM EDT0
What is design to you? What do you think design is about?
Apr 13, 4:01PM EDT0

Hey Amy!

Thanks for asking!

I have my own definition of design and I believe it’s all about responding for peoples’ needs. There’s lots about psychology and understanding human. 

Apr 13, 4:46PM EDT0
How do you stay inspired or motivated to learn more about design?
Apr 13, 10:46AM EDT0

Hey Maggie!

Thanks for question. 

I just love it, when something is your passion you always feel inspired and ready to move on!

Apr 13, 4:44PM EDT0
Anything you would tell or give advice to students in design like you?
Apr 13, 6:12AM EDT0

Hey @Sv9Zist!

Thanks for question!

Just don't be afraid. If you can't draw, build, prototype, use software or anything like this - DON'T STRUGGLE, it's only a matter of time to learn it. Everything is possible. Be creative, work hard, sketch, read, watch tutorials, do some basic things in Illustrator, Premiere, Photoshop, anything, use your free time!

Apr 13, 9:57AM EDT0
What are your professional aspirations?
Apr 12, 12:43PM EDT0

Hey @Rudi!

Thanks for this question!

Hm, interesting question. I see myself in a future having my own design studio focused on graphic design, album covers, motion design and video production. Probably. I'm still not sure what I love the most.

Apr 13, 10:01AM EDT0
What kind of designs do you do ? Where can one see your work?
Apr 12, 2:00AM EDT0

Hello @MartonMagyar!

Thank you for your question!

I do photos, videos, posters, set designs, mugs and so on. I'm not really posting it now, because I don't fell good enough, I want to improve and work on my skills firstly.

My really last, recent projects:

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Apr 12, 3:29AM EDT0
Do you have a lot of free time as a design student? What do you do with it?
Apr 11, 11:23AM EDT0

Hey @Jeanrua!

Thank you for your question.

It depends on the period that I'm currently in. Sometimes I have tons of free time and sometimes I'm really freakin' busy it's hard to describe.

Now I'm just before my exams so it's rather this second situation now.

But when I'm free I usually do photos, ride my bike, read books, watch movies, travel and sometimes I play computer games. Yeah, I used to play a lot and I am trying to fight with this.

Apr 12, 3:43AM EDT0
Are there some tutorials or online courses where a potential student can do a trial for design school?
Apr 11, 9:27AM EDT0

Hello @Gbrown!

Thanks for question.

I'm using Skillshare mostly! It rocks and there are lots of cool courses.

Apr 13, 9:39AM EDT0
Where are you currently based right now?
Apr 11, 7:12AM EDT0

Hi @Honey Bhattacharya!

Thank you for your question!

I was born in Radziejów, lived in Włocławek for my whole life and now I live in Poznań for around two years.

Apr 12, 3:44AM EDT0
Would you say that music journalism pays quite well?
Apr 11, 2:24AM EDT0

Hey @Branko Nesic!

Thanks for question!

Nope, it doesn't. Not at my level. Maybe when you're professional and hired in a big corporation, I don't know. 

Apr 13, 9:40AM EDT0
What’s it like to grow up in Poland?
Apr 10, 11:48PM EDT0

Hey @Oljka91!

Thanks for question!

It's super cool, but our education system sucks. It's really strict, difficult and you can't be unique, like... they kill creativity. 

Apr 13, 9:41AM EDT0
Are there a lot of math subjects in design school?
Apr 10, 7:48PM EDT0

Hey @Jan Jan!

Thanks for question!

Nope, we don't have any. It's completely humanistic school.

Apr 13, 9:42AM EDT0
Have you interviewed any of your favorite musicians as a journalist?
Apr 10, 2:03PM EDT0

Hey @Izabela Bar!

Thanks for question.

I often have opportunity to talk to musicians after gigs and so on. I love it!

My favourite musician is Jón Þór Birgisson known as Jónsi (lead vocalist in Sigur Rós band). I've never met him, but I hope some day it'll happen!

Apr 13, 9:44AM EDT0
Did you also study to become a journalist or did you simply have great writing skills?
Apr 10, 1:57PM EDT0

Hey @HFZimran!

Thanks for question!

I just like to write and I wanted to do something creative and different! No  journalism schools graduated.

Apr 13, 9:45AM EDT0
How does one become a music journalist?
Apr 10, 12:40PM EDT0

Hello again @HFZimran!

Thanks a lot!

Just write a couple of articles about your favourite musicians, albums, events and send it with your CV to some kind of fanpage, website or magazine!

Apr 13, 9:47AM EDT0
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